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In predicting the future of military aerospace technology in the twenty - first century, we can see only so far as the first two decades, an era when the skyways will be dominated by the craft which make their maiden flights in the 1985 - 1999 time frame. Many of these aircraft will be in service in 2025, a fair number will still be around in 2050, and it is safe to say that most will influence the course of aerospace technology for much of the twenty - first century. This, then, is a preview of the aircraft book of the twenty - first century, a portfolio of things to come.

William J. " Bill " Yenne ( October 1st, 1949 ) is an American author, a historian, lifelong aviation enthusiast and aviation writer based in San Francisco ( United States ). Among Mr Yenne's works are a series of books on America's great planemakers, which includes Lockheed : Reaching for the Stars ; Boeing : Planemaker to the World ( with Robert Redding ) ; McDonnell Douglas : A Tale of Two Giants and Rockwell : The Heritage of North American.

( sources : WARPLANES OF THE 21st CENTURY, www.billyenne.com )

Format 33 x 25 x 2 cm
Nbr. de pages 73
Particularités Jaquette
Année d'édition 1990
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Très bon état
Auteur William J. " Bill " Yenne
Editeur W.H. Smith Publishers


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